Google Announces A Flurry Of New Features For Docs, Sheets, Drive And Meet

Google continues to bet on collaborative options within Workspace. Presented within the your event Google I / O, the company has announced what will be the next evolution of collaborative documents: Smart Canvas.

Smart Canvas is a set of functions that unites the Google documents platform offering more tools to users when collaborating on a project . It is an evolutionary step of collaborative work based on the sharing of Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations with social functions.

Google Announces A Flurry Of New Features For Docs, Sheets, Drive And Meet

According to Google, it was created to make Workspace a more flexible, interactive and intelligent tool. In total, there are 12 functions that the different Google Workspace apps will receive .

One of the first novelties is the mentions. These will allow to involve certain people, as well as obtain more information about the person with whom we are collaborating on a document. For example: mentioning someone in a document will provide relevant information about regular meetings and recommended files.

Documents without pages, inclusive language and shared tasks

Smart Canvas will allow you to remove the classic page in a document . In this way, the space to work will be able to create a flexible surface. With this, the “document” will adapt to whatever device or screen you are using. This is ideal for wide tables, large images, or detailed comments.

Documents will also receive new options with inclusive language recommendations and other new assisted writing features, such as avoiding passive voice or offensive language.

Shared task lists are also included within Smart Canvas, so that these lists also appear within Google Tasks, when they are shared.

Google Meet integrated into docs, sheets, and slides

Google Smart Canvas also makes it easy to present content. From now on it will no longer be necessary to start a Meet and then share a presentation . Directly, the content can be presented in one directly from the document.

It will be in the fall when Google brings Meet directly to Docs, Sheets and Slides on the web, so people can see and hear each other as they collaborate .

In addition, Google will include the ability to show live captions in more languages on Google Meet. And also the simultaneous translation of subtitles later this year. At launch it will only be available with English subtitles, which can be translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French or German, but will add more.

Along with presentation and collaboration features, you can go from a discussion in Google chat directly to creating collaborative content, such as documents and spreadsheets, and will be coming soon to Presentations.

Another of the great additions of Smart Canvas to Google Workspace will be the possibility to change the view of the spreadsheets to turn them into timelines, very useful for projects.

The spreadsheets will also be a little smarter: the company will add more assisted analysis functions for the web version, with formula suggestions, among others.

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