How To Make A Good Grocery List, Don’t Overspend!

The supermarket list is a tool that we must have well prepared, since it will help us to plan and control the expenses that we must make to supply ourselves with food and, utensils and cleaning products for the home and staff.

How To Make A Good Grocery List, Don't Overspend!

The worst mistake we make when not keeping a shopping list is that sometimes we buy a lot of things on impulse and unnecessary and we tend to forget to buy what we need.

Get ready to put together the best grocery list

Here we will make a compilation of basic products, it is not necessary to buy everything, but you can build a list with what you really need and make it as accurate and complete as possible.


Eggs, sugar, pasta (spaghetti, lasagna, elbow, penne, etc.), bagged soups (stars, tongue, letters, etc.), boxed cereal, wheat flour, corn flour, pancake flour, bread ground, mayonnaise, mustard, boxed mashed potatoes, vegetable oil, olive oil, spray oil, vinegar, chocolate powder, chocolate chip, jellies, baking soda, jams, cookies, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, gravy soy, tomato sauce and dressings (coriander, thousand islands, ranch, etc.).


Water (natural, flavored, with or without gas), soft drinks, juices, tea (powder, sachet or prepared), wines and spirits.


Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, parsley, coriander, bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, onion, mushrooms, serrano chili, ancho chili, tomato, tomato, potato, carrot, squash or zucchini, celery, tamarind, seasonal fruit, lemon, apple, watermelon, bananas, avocado, papaya, orange, red berries (strawberries, blackberries, cherries), cucumber, plums and blueberries.


Refined salt, grain salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano, cinnamon, thyme, rosemary, paprika, turmeric, achiote, cumin, saffron, chicken bouillon cubes, beef bouillon cubes, basil, vanilla, dried leaves of laurel, chili powder and ground chile de arbol.


Tuna, sardines, beans to taste, powdered milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, chipotles, rajas, vegetables, corn grains, and fruits in syrup.


Beans, rice, lentils, oats, linseed and corn.


Steak, chops and ground meat (pork or beef ), cuts of beef to taste (skirt, flank steak, rib-eye, etc.), veal, lamb, liver, tongue, cuts of pork to taste (rib, loin, backbone, skirt, chamorro, head, etc.), chicken breast, chicken thigh and leg, chicken schnitzel, fish fillet, shrimp and salmon.


Milk (whole, skim, semi-skim, lactose-free, etc), soy milk, almond milk; cheese (panela, yellow, goat, parmesan, oaxaca, gouda, manchego, mozzarella, etc.), cream cheese, pork or turkey ham, pork or turkey sausages, bacon, sour cream, butter, margarine, chorizo ​​and salami.


Toilet soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, deodorant, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, body and face cream, shaving cream, razor and razor blades, diapers, emergency kit (Band-aids, gauze, merthiolate, alcohol, cotton, hydrogen peroxide, medicine, etc.) swabs, tissues, and makeup.


Napkins, absorbent towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, garbage bags, fiber and dish sponge, dish soap, degreaser, broom, dustpan, bucket, jargons, rags, laundry soap (liquid, powder or bar), drain pump, floor cleaner, chlorine, glass cleaner, spotlights, candles, matches and / or lighter, batteries and gloves.

Now yes! You already have your complete supermarket list, you can now go shopping with the confidence that when you return, nothing basic will be missing in your home. Remember to buy frozen and chilled foods last.

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