Simple Habits That Will Save You A Lot Of Junk

Avoiding garbage in everyday life is often not that easy. After all, in many shops you can hardly find products without packaging, and the mountain of rubbish is also growing steadily in our modern society. A few small changes in habits can make a big difference! To do something against the flood of rubbish, more and more people are trying to buy in unpackaged shops or avoid plastic . However, this sometimes requires a not inconsiderable additional effort. But there is also an easier way – if you just follow a few of the tips below, you can save a significant amount of waste and do the environment a huge favor.

Deposit the cloth bag in suitable places

You have probably had to pick up the disposable bag at the supermarket checkout because your cloth bags were all at home. This can be easily avoided if you put a cloth bag or a shopping net in your handbag, in the car or in other strategically favorable places, so that you are guaranteed not to forget them again. It’s best to choose a variant that can be folded up small and that can even be carried in a jacket pocket if necessary.

Provide reusable containers for shopping

Even if the possibilities to buy unpackaged products are still limited, there are more and more shops that have at least one unpacked department. Fruit, vegetables, sausage and cheese are increasingly being offered loose again and can be filled into containers that you have brought with you. In order for this to work, you have to have screw jars , cans and vegetable bags with you in the worst-case scenario. It is therefore advisable to place it in a place where you are guaranteed not to forget it when you set off – for example in the shopping basket or in a box in the trunk.

Refuse the straw when ordering

Plastic straws are one of the most common litter finds on the beach. No wonder, after all, they are usually only used briefly. Water, juice and cocktails taste just as good without a straw. It is particularly annoying when you automatically receive a straw with your drink without being asked, although you actually had the good intention to forego it.

If you point out when ordering that you would rather enjoy your drink without a straw, you can easily avoid the fast-moving single-use product. Maybe others will follow your example, so that a lot of waste can be reduced in the long run. Tip: You can sip your drink with pleasure even without a single-use product. Because there are now numerous alternatives to plastic straws .

Buy sausage, cheese and Co. at the fresh food counter

What used to be taken for granted is now almost unfamiliar. Those who buy more at the fresh produce counter instead of using the refrigerated shelf can also easily reduce their piles of waste. Because the packaging there is usually much less lush. In some shops, supermarkets and many market stalls you can even bring your own containers.

Always have zero-waste cutlery with you

With a zero-waste cutlery set, you can easily do without disposable cutlery on the go. It hardly takes up any space and can therefore easily become a constant companion in your handbag or backpack. So it is also spontaneously to hand if you get hungry on the way.

Take a drinking bottle with you on the go

Drinking enough and regularly is important and healthy. This is another reason why it makes sense to always pack a full drinking bottle before leaving the house. Those who prefer flavored water can choose a water bottle with a fruit insert . For coffee lovers, it is advisable to always have a coffee-to-go mug with you. That way, you don’t have to resort to single-use products to quench your thirst while on the go.

Cancel receipt at checkout before printing

In more and more supermarkets, receipts are no longer automatically printed out. If you let them know in good time that you don’t need a receipt, there will be no more waste here either.

Tip: What many don’t know: Receipts don’t belong in the paper bin! Here you will find other typical recycling errors that make recycling difficult or even prevent it.

Attach a no advertising sticker to the mailbox

An average of 46 kilograms of advertising ends up in every German mailbox every year , most of it ends up unread in the garbage can and is at best recycled. Bringing an end to this gigantic waste only takes a few simple steps. Because even a simple “please no advertising” sticker on the mailbox considerably reduces the flood of advertising. Tip: In addition to attaching the sticker, there are a number of other simple steps you can take to unsubscribe from advertising mail .

Prepare lunch for the office at home

What’s for lunch today? Often you only think about it shortly before the break and go to the next snack. By having your lunch ready the evening before, you can save a lot of packaging waste in the long run, which usually occurs when eating to go. For example, you could just make a little more lettuce and take some of it to the office as a salad in a glass the next day. But many other dishes can also be pre-cooked and taken away without any problems .

Always take a bread bag with you to the bakery

If you regularly get Sunday rolls from the bakery, you can save a lot of paper bags in the long run if you always have a cloth bread bag with you. When folded, it even fits in your jacket pocket.

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