Top Recommendations For Sustainable Office Equipment

Even those who work from home can and should make sure that their workplace is sensible. We have a few suggestions to help you set up your home office in a healthy and sustainable way. When computers moved into offices in the 1970s, the world of work was permanently changed. In 2020 the “digital revolution” will have reached a new level. The corona pandemic moved a large part of the work to the home office. According to a recent survey , over half of home office workers believe the changes will last.

Here you will find some tips on equipment and ergonomics that you should consider when setting up your home office . And for everyone who is currently looking for useful products and furniture for the home office, we have 10 recommendations for sustainable office equipment.

Desk with adjustable height

People between 172 cm and 186 cm in height should generally be able to cope with a desk height of 76 cm. Nevertheless, office furniture is considered to be the most ergonomic and can be individually adjusted. This is because even people of the same height can have very different proportions of limbs. The Sirius desk by Allnatura, for example, can be adjusted in height between 61 and 80 cm (depth 80 cm, width 120 or 160 cm). Together with the right office chair, you should find an upright sitting position and a good angle for your forearms. The desk is made of solid wood (beech, heart beech or oak) with an oiled surface and is manufactured in traditional European companies. There is also the Sirius roll container to go with it.

Convertible desk made of alder wood

If you don’t have the luxury of having your own study, but have to set up your home office in the living room or bedroom, space-saving solutions such as multifunctional furniture are ideal. These include the desk chest of drawers from Raccoon Shipping . It is made of solid alder wood from sustainable forestry and is biologically treated with oil wax. (The back wall is made of plywood.)
The chest of drawers is 150 cm long, 60 cm deep and 75 cm high. The special feature: the desk top with castors rests on top of the chest of drawers. If necessary, it can simply be opened lengthways or at right angles and you have a long desk. The disadvantage of this solution is of course that the desk surface should always be kept as free as possible.

Standing desk made of corrugated cardboard

Even with a perfectly adjusted desk and office chair, you should never stay too long in a (sitting) position. A standing desk gives you the opportunity to work while standing for some time and so relieve your back. The Berlin company Room in a Box has developed an inexpensive desk attachment made of corrugated cardboard for this purpose. (70% recycled material, 30% virgin fibers and 100% recyclable.) “MonKey Desk” consists of two parts: a table for a monitor or laptop and a support for the keyboard. The standing desk can be easily folded up and stowed next to the desk. There are two sizes for people under or over 175 cm.

Office chair made with recycled plastic

In addition to the table, a good office chair is essential for proper sitting . The “Support” office chair from Topstar is in many ways a better choice than most office chairs. It is produced in Germany and the plastic components consist of 50% recycled plastic. The cover is a mixture of viscose (60%) and new wool (40%). The simple swivel chair is optionally available with armrests and a chrome-plated base and in different colors. The guarantee is 3 years.

Office chair and design classics

The S 197R swivel chair is one of the classics of German office furniture. It was designed in 1949 by Egon Eiermann, one of the most important German architects of the post-war period (Langer Eugen / Bonn, Gedächtniskirche / Berlin). Back then, he made his furniture designs for the Wilde + Spieth workshop, which still exists and continues to produce in Germany. The seat and backrest are made of beech veneer glued several times (real wood from sustainable forestry). There is a choice of different finishes and colors as well as upholstery and armrests.

Refurbished computers

Do you need a new monitor, laptop or PC tower? Why buy new? There are now many good providers such as AfB IT , Green Panda **, Memolife , Rebuy , Refurbed , and others who offer used IT as refurbished or at least checked. You save resources and money and still receive a guarantee. Standard equipment is sufficient for normal office activities. Nevertheless, computer experts recommend a strong processor (e.g. at least i5 for Intel) and a large amount of RAM (16 RAM) – unless you mainly work with cloud applications in the browser.

Bluetooth wooden headset

One of the advantages of the home office is that you can theoretically knit socks at the same time during a business conversation. With a Bluetooth headset you have both hands free when making calls. Unfortunately, we are not aware of a completely plastic-free headset. But there are at least companies that try to use as little plastic as possible. The “InLine Wood InEar Bluetooth Headset” is partly made of walnut wood and is packaged in an environmentally friendly way. There are three sizes for the earbuds that can be attached and are connected by a neck cable

Laser printer with the Blue Angel environmental seal

Even if almost all correspondence is now electronic – some still have to think of a printer when setting up their home office. The Stiftung Warentest recommends black and white laser printers for home use. They are fast, efficient and provide good typeface. According to the manufacturer, the Brother b / w laser printer HL-L2370DN warms up in just 9 seconds, prints 34 sheets per minute, has a USB port and can print on both sides. A plus for the environment: It has the best energy efficiency class A +++ and bears the Blue Angel environmental seal .

If you want to invest a little more money in a multifunctional device (printing, scanning, faxing, copying) including color printing, we can recommend the Epson EcoTank. Stiftung Warentest rated various models in this line as “good” in terms of environmental properties and “very good” in terms of the follow-up costs for the ink (refill pouch). Caution: Since laser printers can emit tiny fine dust and dust particles, you should place the printer in a room that is not a main lounge and is well ventilated. Always pay attention to the “Blue Angel” seal. You can also retrofit your printer with the appropriate filters.

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